Temporary CCTV – Northern Territory Major Events Company

Request for Quote are sought from suitable qualified parties (Registrants) to overlay and operate temporary CCTV at events for Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) in Darwin and Alice Springs.


This document outlines NTMEC requirements in seeking a service provider for CCTV.


This process does not seek to establish any binding commercial or legal terms and conditions between NTMEC and any party and is intended to provide a process to identify the interests of various parties.


This document also provides instructions on how to respond to this Request for Quote.


NTMEC will consider separate quotes for Darwin and Alice Springs events.


NTMEC’s intended timetable for this RFQ is as follows:

Issue date of RFQ: 6th February 2018
Closing Time: 23rd February 2018
Conclusion of RFQ evaluation: 9th March 2018
Finalisation and signature of Contract: 28th March 2018


Venue Orientation  
Hidden Valley (Supercars) 0930, 13th February
Darwin Amphitheatre (BASSINTHEGRASS), followed Mindil Beach (Territory Day) 1030, 13th February

Request for Quote_CCTV_Northern Territory Major Events Company

Attachment 10 – Northern Territory Major Events Standard Service Agreement

Attachment 9 – 2017 Red CentreNATS Alice Springs Inland Drags venue map

Attachment 8 – 2017 Red CentreNATS Blatherskite Park venue map

Attachment 7 – 2017 Territory Day sit map

Attachment 6 – CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown Supercars Operations Map

Attachment 5 – 2017 BASSINTHEGRASS venue map

Attachment 4 – 2017 Darwin Triple Crown Supercars camera positions and network layout

Attachment 3 – 2017 BASSINTHEGRASS camera positions and network layout