Lucky Fisho Hooks Daly River $10,000 Barra

Another lucky fisho has caught a red-tagged barramundi as part of Million Dollar Fish, with the $10,000 catch caught at the Daly River old crossing.

Daly River local Kaitlyn Ahfat was fishing with a group of friends when she hooked onto the lucrative 63cm fish using live bait on Thursday.

“I was out fishing with about 10 mates when I caught the red tag. Everyone was jumping up and down, we were so excited,” she said.

“Our house is getting renovated at the moment, so the cash will go towards buying some furniture.”

The 25-year-old life-long fisho said she was relieved to have finally caught a red-tagged barramundi after registering for Million Dollar Fish each year since the competition started.

SportsBet External Affairs Manager Brad Fanning said SportsBet had already given away $65,000 in prize money to locals and visitors.

“On behalf of SportsBet, we couldn’t be happier to be awarding Kaitlyn Ahfat a cheque for $10,000,” he said.

“This season is shaping up to be a game changer with the chances of catching a Million Dollar Fish better than ever before. I would encourage everyone to register and wet a line across the Top End for the chance to become a millionaire.”

A total of six tagged barra have been caught across the Top End since the competition launched on 1 October, with $65,000 in cash prizes won by locals and visitors so far.

There are still 95 $10,000 barra in Territory waterways, along with seven chances to win $1 million, and four double-tagged fish worth $10,000 to the fisho and $5,000 to their mate.

There are also 20 $5,000 charity fish remaining, with $2,500 awarded to the angler and $2,500 to go to the winners’ Million Dollar Fish affiliated charity of choice.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes are also up for grabs just by registering for Million Dollar Fish Season 6, which runs until 31 March 2021.