Register an event

The Northern Territory Events Guide aims to be a centralised calendar of all events in the Territory, made easily accessible to locals and visitors to increase event awareness and participation.

We live in a unique part of Australia, with an incredible culture and landscape, and our events reflect this. The more people that attend events, the stronger our events become, strengthening our cultural identity and delivering broader economic and social benefits for the community, and the Territory.

All types of events are invited to register in the Guide, from local community activities through to those events that attract national and international visitors.

There is no cost to event organisers or to those who wish to promote events in their region. The Guide is available for any websites to access and promote in their own networks.

To register your event:

  • Follow the link below to the Guide.
  • Click on ‘create event’ and follow the prompts. You will need to sign up to complete the registration.
  • Please include relevant information within the event description eg. facilities at the event, ticket prices etc.
  • Once submitted, the information will be reviewed by the site administrator.
  • On approval you will receive an email confirming your event is live.

The Northern Territory Events Guide is managed by FestivalsNT. If you have any questions about the Guide, please contact us.