Our People

Meet Our Team

Guided by a leadership team consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Services, Head of Event Operations and Head of Event Development and Marketing, we have approximately 35 staff in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Chief Executive Office

Portrait of Tim Watsford - Chief Executive Officer

Tim Watsford

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Brienna Birch - Executive Assistant & Hospitality Coordinator

Brienna Birch

Executive Assistant

08 8999 6256Brienna.Birch@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Jacalin Ekins - Event Coordinator

Jacalin Ekins

Commercial Acquisition and Executive Officer

08 8999 6273Jacalin.Ekins@nt.gov.au

Corporate Business

Portrait of Shelley Hewitt - Chief Financial Officer

Shelley Hewitt

Head of Corporate Services | Chief Financial Officer

08 8999 6336Shelley.Hewitt@nt.gov.au

Christine Chandler

Office Coordinator

08 8999 5256christine.chandler@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Luigi Manzione - Management Accountant

Luigi Manzione

Finance Manager

08 8999 5261Luigi.Manzione@nt.gov.au

Major Events

Coryn Huddy

Head of Events and Operations

08 8999 5374Coryn.Huddy@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Nicole Amelsvoort - Social Media & Event Activation Manager

Nicole Amelsvoort

Event Activations Manager

08 8999 8997Nicole.Amelsvoort@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Jan Andersen - Sports Events Officer

Jan Andersen

Sports Events Officer

08 8951 5100Jan.Andersen@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Deanne Fenton - Sports Coordinator

Deanne Fenton

Event & Operations Coordinator

08 8951 5145Deanne.Fenton@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Celia de Latour - Senior Event Manager

Celia de Latour

Senior Event Manager

08 8999 6274Celia.deLatour@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Craig Markham - Events Manager

Craig Markham

Event Manager

08 8951 5164Craig.Markham@nt.gov.au

Ellie Owen

Senior Event Manager

08 8999 6621ellie.owen@nt.gov.au

Emma Walker

Event and Operations Coordinator

08 8999 5271emma.walker@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Michelle Hampton - WHS Officer

Michelle Hampton

WHS Officer

08 8982 2306michelle.hampton@nt.gov.au

Event Development & Marketing

Rachel Black

Marketing Specialist

08 8999 5350rachel.black@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Lauren Flanegan - Partnerships Coordinator

Lauren Flanegan

Partnerships Specialist

08 8999 6220Lauren.Flanegan@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Ktima Heathcote - Content Producer (Mon-Thur)

Ktima Heathcote

Content Producer

08 8999 6216Ktima.Heathcote@nt.gov.au
Event Development Manager

Scott Healey

Head of Event Development and Stakeholder Engagement

08 8999 6286Scott.Healey@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Isabella Hood - Media and Communications Specialist

Isabella Hood

Media & Communications Specialist

08 8999 5351Isabella.Hood@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Leanne Hudson - Arafura Games & Special Projects Media Manager

Leanne Hudson

Head of Communications

08 8999 5277Leanne.Hudson@nt.gov.au

Nicole Johannsen

Event Development Manager

08 8951 5611nicole.johannsen@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Nicky Potgieter - Marketing Manager

Nicky Potgieter

Head of Marketing

08 8999 6242Nicky.Potgieter@nt.gov.au

Jessica Viljoen

Marketing Manager

08 8999 5265Jessica.Viljoen@nt.gov.au

Leanna Whyte

Digital and Social Media Marketing Specialist

08 8999 5312Leanna.Whyte@nt.gov.au
Portrait of Lennon (the dog) - Office Su-pup-visor


Office Su-pup-visor

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