Event Planning

Take the guesswork out of developing an event management plan with a document of basic steps to help you keep on top of each little task and consider every contingency of event organisation. Check out the template and get started.

Safety is paramount at events, which is why we have developed this guide to help NT event organisers understand and effectively manage risk obligations and accountabilities. To find out more info and create a safety management system for your event, check out the below guide.

It is important you keep informed about the current requirements as directed by the NT Chief Health Officer, you will be required to address any restrictions and regulations that relate to the types of events that you are planning. There are different requirements depending on the size of your event.

Business Planning

Building an accurate event budget is imperative. Use this guide, and templates, to assist you so there are no surprises when the bills start coming in at the end.

Writing successful funding applications is a skill. Use this guide for tips on how you effectively address the selection criteria, check eligibility and meet the objectives of the funding program.

Harness the power of event sponsorship with an easy-to-read guide on targeting event sponsors who closely align with your brand and add value to your event overall.

Reporting on your event is an integral part of the event lifecycle. This guide features a template, plus the relevant data, statistics and information you should gather in the lead up to, during and after an event.

Who you contact will depend on the size and nature of your event. Some organisations will require formal approvals, while others can provide advice or assistance. Let this document guide you.


This guide is geared to help you understand what the media is, how it works and how you can better promote your event through a variety of media channels to gain effective coverage.

It’s critical to work with influencers who align with your event. Featuring how-tos and tips, use this checklist to get the best out of your influencers to build trust and drive engagement.

Learn the basics of how live streaming works with a beginner’s guide offering step-by-step instructions and tools to going live and expanding the reach of your audience.