Darwin international esports match livestreamed to the world

Darwin will host some of the best Tekken players from the Philippines and Australia when they go head-to-head in an esports exhibition match later this month. The event will be livestreamed to the world.

The International Tekken 8 Philippines V Australia Esports Exhibition Match will take place on Thursday, 22 February. It will be a showcase of skill and strategy as the competitors play the latest version of Tekken. Tekken is a competitive martial arts video game that allows users to choose unique characters and compete in a combat-style one-on-one match.

Three competitors from the Philippines (AK, Jules and Doujin) and two top Australian players (Dee-On Grey and Naveed) will take up the challenge, alongside the Territorian player who wins a qualifying round on Friday, 16 February at The Array in Smith St Mall. Registrations are open and free to enter.

The Array CEO Dylan Bennett the Tekken 8 Team Battle was more than a game.

“It’s a celebration of cultural unity, technological innovation, and the boundless spirit of competition. We’re proud to bring this landmark event to Darwin, showcasing the Northern Territory as an emerging hub for esports and digital creativity,” he said.

“Beyond the excitement and competition, this event serves as a platform for educational and upskilling opportunities. It’s an invitation to the youth and creative enthusiasts to engage with technology and digital arts, opening doors to future careers in these dynamic fields.”

The Array has partnered with the Filipino-Australia Association of the Northern Territory to bring the competition to life. The event will blend entertainment, culture and esports to create a unique experience for fans of gaming.

The exhibition match will take place at The Array in Smith St Mall, Darwin, from 6pm on Thursday, 22 February. Spectators are welcome, with registrations and more information available on the Eventbrite listing.