Parrtjima to return to dazzle audiences in April 2024

Parrtjima – A Festival in Light will dazzle audiences like never before when it returns to illuminate the heart of Australia from 12-21 April 2024, with a new outlook and theme.

Held in Alice Springs (Mparntwe), the highly anticipated event is marking a pivotal turning point as it will soon announce a new events delivery partner who will infuse innovative technologies with traditional storytelling methods, offering visitors a unique perspective. The new events partner has a proven track record in creating bold and creative experiences.

Suzana Bishop, CEO of Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC), expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration. Envisioning Parrtjima as an internationally acclaimed event, the festival will continue to share the captivating and important stories of First Nations people on Arrernte country with the world.

Rhoda Roberts AO will return as Parrtjima Curator with the 2024 theme set to highlight the importance of interconnectedness in Aboriginal cultures.

Ms Roberts shared her vision for the festival, hoping Parrtjima 2024 will offer visitors yet another profound experience.

“Everything is living in Aboriginal culture and in the old ways, the approach was one of sharing and working together,” Ms Roberts said.

“Our ancestors were living under strict social structures and belief systems where everything was interrelated from the land and waterways to our sky country.

“Along with resilience that’s tinged with laughter, interconnectedness blankets the wisdom of generations that we are reminded to experience and absorb.”

Parrtjima has also recently been showcased in Canberra as part of Facing North, an event featuring a delegation of Territory government, industry and business people showcasing the Territory to Commonwealth.

Last evening, Parrtjima’s much-loved Grounded installation featuring an animated sequence of stunning Indigenous artworks, was projected onto the floor of Parliament House.

Visitors entered the Facing North event by first stepping through Grounded floor art, thereby immersing themselves in the stories, traditions, and landscapes that inspired the artworks.

“It’s exciting to have taken Parrtjima from one figurative heart of Australia to another, showcasing the strength, beauty and richness of Aboriginal culture to the country’s decision makers at Facing North,” Mrs Bishop said.

Independent research indicated Parrtjima 2023 held from 7-17 April 2023 was well-received.

“Parrtjima had a significant positive impact on the Northern Territory, generating a total expenditure stimulus of $9.2 million, with $6.8 million of that being new money brought into the region,” Mrs Bishop said.

“The event contributed to over 15,689 visitor nights, benefiting Alice Springs and other parts of the NT. Additionally, more than a quarter of attendees came from interstate or overseas, underlining the festival’s growing international appeal.”

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