Shoal Bay delivers fourth $10,000 barra for Season 9

The fourth $10,000 red-tagged barra of Million Dollar Fish Season 9 has been reeled in by Darwin resident Beau Cartledge. Beau hooked the 76cm barra while out fishing at Shoal Bay on Friday, 10 November, with his best mate Dean Lucas, who was visiting from Western Australia. They will share the windfall.

Supported by SportsBet, Million Dollar Fish sees prize-tagged barramundi released in waterways across the Darwin, Kakadu, Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Katherine regions. This season someone is guaranteed to win a million dollars. The season runs from 1 October 2023 until 31 March 2024.

Beau and Dean, both keen fishermen, were fishing at Shoal Bay early on Friday morning when Beau reeled in the red-tagged barra. The mates had agreed they’d split the cash if either one of them caught a prize-winning barra. Beau hasn’t decided what he’ll do with his share, while Dean, who hails from Karratha, said he’d love to spend his cash on another trip to the NT with his family.

“Dean and I had spoken about catching the Million Dollar Fish and we were just fishing pretty much. We’d caught a couple, and we were fishing in an area where there was heaps of fish and we could see signs of good fish. We just fished and caught fish, and it was good when the fish hit the deck. We’d both seen the tag at the time, so it was pretty wild,” Beau said.

“I’ve been fishing it (Million Dollar Fish) for nine years and you never think it can happen to you. It’s always there in the back of your mind, but … you sort of understand that 100 (tagged) barra that people let go compared to how many barra are out there in Darwin waters is unfathomable.”

Every time a fisho catches a $10,000 barra, they can donate an extra $1,000 to the Million Dollar Fish charity of their choice. Beau chose Starlight Children’s Foundation Darwin Star Ball.

“We’re so thankful to Beau and all those involved with Million Dollar Fish Season 9. Starlight provides vital hospital programs in the Northern Territory for our sick kids,” Star Ball Committee Chairman Justin Coleman said.

“Only with the help of the local community can we continue to bring the gift of joy, fun and laughter, helping to create brighter and healthier futures for our kids, families and communities.”

Beau’s catch means there are now 96 $10,000 barramundi waiting to be caught, plus 11 barra carrying tags worth a million dollars. That includes the two million-dollar barra released for Season 9, and those released for previous seasons. All are still eligible to be caught.

SportsBet NT Operations and Partnerships Manager Thijs Bors said: “Beau was one lucky fisho, and SportsBet is delighted to be giving him $10,000. Every time we give away $10,000 it feels like we are getting closer to giving away the million, which is guaranteed this season.

“So make sure you’re registered, and get out there on the water as much as possible to increase your chances of becoming a millionaire!”

To claim any prize money from a tagged fish, a fisho must be registered for Season 9. This also automatically enters them into the Lucky Prize Pool, which includes thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs, such as holiday and flight packages, and fishing and camping gear. Register now for free at